Minaj in 'black mass' motif


Showing up on the red carpet with a man dressed as a catholic priest, Nicki Minaj debuted a new song ‘Roman Holiday‘ and performed it on Sunday’s Grammy Awards. The performance was strongly similar to something Lady Gaga would’ve done, coincidence that her ex-creative director, Laurieann Gibson worked with the ‘Super Bad Bass’ singer/rapper/clone. Although the performance was lacking in the vocals department and was generally bad, the performance itself had a lot references to satanic black mass and mind control as well as mocking religion. What else do you expect from the elites latest offering. In this article I will bee looking into this performance and the character/alter ego; ‘Roman Zolanski‘.


'Roman Zolanski'

Roman Zolanski is a ‘alter ego’ Nicki Minaj created 2 years ago. Roman Zolanski is a homosexual man who is Nicki’s reblious alter who was “born out of rage”. Roman is said to speak his mind, is aggressive and if he doesn’t like you he’ll tell you about it.

“Roman, who is Nicki Minaj’s alter-ego, was born out of rage and became quickly a frequently used ego by Minaj.

Roman Zolanski is a very agressive, rebellious, and angry young man. He is always honest about how he feels about something or someone and will always speak out in a rude manner against it. On the other hand, let’s say that his heart pumps out rage into his veins. Nicki Minaj has said that Roman is her ego who doesn’t have a f*ck to give. He will often speak his mind,making it clearly obvious who he speaking of without giving out names. He grew up without a father, and was very active in Church when he was younger and aspired to be an Actor.” – Source

From this you can already see that Roman was created through MK Ultra. I mean this chick said Roman was born out of rage, aren’t alters born out of trauma? Nicki displays all the symptoms of MK Ultra, after the performance at the Grammy awards, many viewers really think Minaj is possessed. The way Nicki talks about Roman is in third person, like he’s an actual person. Not something Nicki created. The alter ego has a British accent, does Roman Zolanski have any connection with Roman Polanski? Which is also another interesting coincidence.

A "possessed" Roman & priest

Roman Polanski is a French-Polish film director, who was widowed from his late wife, Sharon Tate, who was brutally murdered by Manson’s cult followers. Roman is apparently no stranger to the occult and even directed the well known horror film, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. The film had sconnections with the occult, Roman’s life, John Lennon’s death etc.

Recommend you read Vigilant Citizen’s ‘Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” and the Dark Side of Hollywood‘.

Anyway, back to Roman and his “exorcism”. As we all know the track Minaj performed is called ‘Roman Holiday’. Nicki claims that the producers heard the song in the studio and wanted to perform that song. The song may be an insult to music but the lyrics at the beginning of the song is what caught my attention straight away,

Take your medication roman
Take a short vacation roman
You`ll be okay
(Stop it mother please)
You need to know your station roman
Some alterations on and your clothes and your brain

After hearing this, straight away the ‘illuminati bells’ started ringing. If anyone that knows about MK Ultra, will know exactly where I’m coming from. Nicki’s other British alter, ‘Martha’ speaks this verses. Martha is Roman’s mum. The inspiration for the performance was Martha couldn’t handle Roman for being the way he was, so she tried changing him, thinking he was possessed. The lyrics on the other hand suggest that Martha could be Roman’s handler, the line “..Some alterations on and your clothes and your brain” just scream MK ULTRA!!

Minaj & Gibson

Now Nicki worked with Lady Gaga’s former choreographer/co-creative director, Laurieann Gibson. Gibson told MTV;

Working with Nicki:
“…I’ve worked with Nicki before. When she was first starting I did an MTV performance [on the VMA pre-show in 2010]. She just is so unique,” Gibson said. “I love being able to get back in that, and when she called me, she talked to me about the movie aspect of it, the exorcism part of it, and then we just evolved it. And I just evolved the inspiration not from a literal perspective, but for me, it was ‘OK, that’s the subject matter.’ Then I am able to be very theatrical, very dramatic, very big, very bold without it being literal.

The Concept:
…For me, it was about the theatrical aspect of being able to create something like that. It’s about always inspiring people and extract that negative from them and believe in what they can do and empower themselves in a positive way and not be afraid to look at those things that are evil. … The inspiration and the fight in the choreography, in the creative, is bold because when you believe in yourself and you believe in the good, you come from a bold place. You’re not intimidated any longer by the evil.

The Reaction:
“…I was super-shocked because one, there was nothing literal. I was very conscious, OK, no crosses … when creating choreography, the instinct thing is to go to a prayer and I was like, ‘No praying hands!’ ” she said, noting that in the end it was all about “the innocence and the purity of just being bold, about the fight and no fear. … There wasn’t anything negative there.”


Okay so not let me get this straight, it was about an exorcism, not being afraid of the evil, not actually anything to do with religion and not negative at all.. Really? Minaj was tied to a altar at the beginning, the dancers were dressed in black mass attire, there were female dancers practically humping choir boys and Minaj didn’t really get exorcised. Instead she just accepted the demon and let it take control. Lets move onto the actual performance.

Nicki Minaj performing 'Roman Holiday' at the 2012 Grammys


The initial performance when I first viewed it creeped me out, not only was it offensive to my ears but the whole thing screamed “ILLUMINATI”. The exorcism is inspired by the upcoming EP, ‘Roman Reloaded’.
It begins with Nicki performing another track off the EP, ‘Roman In Moscow’, on a stage set up like a typical Catholic “confession box,” where it then leads to a short movie obviously inspired by the film “The Exorcist”, featuring Martha asking for a Catholic priest’s help and Roman singing “i feel pretty” in a “possessed” manner.  Minaj explains in a interview,

I never had the format to put them in front of the world,” Minaj said. “Roman is a character whose been ridiculed, he’s been torn apart and pulled down. I wrote the song and I envisioned it being in a monastery because Roman gets shipped away to a monastery by his mother who thinks something is wrong with him.” – Source

Again she is referencing to his creation, the “born out of rage” concept. The story also reminds me of Cult-Abuse, which is basically what the elite do. This performance is celebrating mind control and the elites infiltration in the music industry. You could interpret that Nicki represents the music industry, Roman the illuminati, and how the industry is possessed/controlled by the occult. I mean I thought the concept of an exorcism was to get the demon out of the victim’s body? You don’t exactly see that in the show, instead you just see Nicki being lifted into the air and just accepting the possession.


Why don’t you see you the performance yourself, what do you think?
Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Before the Grammys, Nicki Minaj was involved with Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show. The half time show was 13 minutes long and was another illuminati celebration. Madonna was dressed as pagan god in all gold, gold being the color of ‘Ra‘ and “illumination” [picture]. The whole performance followed the Egyptian theme, the colors black, red and white were used, the performance was a dedication to the occult, the performance was 13 minutes long, the number ’13’ has huge significance in the occult. It’s commonly known to remind masons and followers of the occult of the “13 steps to enlightment” also the there are 13 illuminati bloodlines.

The half time show was pretty much a dedication to Madonna, the high priestess of the music industry. Anyone who knows Madonna knows that she plays a big part in the occult and openly admits to practics Kabbalah.


Nicki Minaj is another obvious puppet. All her visuals have references to MK Ultra and Illuminati symbolism. Nicki displays all the symptoms of MK Ultra and openly talks about her alters, the fact that the media are trying to make it look cool and conditioning society to accept the practice of mind control. Pop culture is a big tool to control the masses, many of the biggest stars in the industry have been rumoured to be victims of the CIA project.
Minaj is set to release her next EP which is all about her alter, ‘Roman’, so we can only expect the rapper to carry on promoting mind control and pushing the elite’s many agendas.


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