Lady Gaga is known to cause controversy with her strange antics, meat dresses, facial horns and videos with occultic references which are left unanswered. Lady Gaga came onto the scene late 2008, with her hits ‘Just Dance’ & ‘Poker Face’ made the singer huge and a hit with all the teenagers. Gaga was later to release her monster hit, ‘Bad Romance’ with the award winning video commenting on sex trafficking with a ‘fashionable’ twist, created her fan base; ‘Little Monsters‘. The ‘Telephone’ singer has now released her latest sophomore album, ‘Born This Way‘ which include the singles, ‘The Edge Of Glory’, ‘You & I’, ‘Marry The Night’ and the controversial song; ‘Judas’.
Looking back on the singer’s ‘career timeline’ you can’t deny the extreme change in Gaga’s appearance and music. The only thing that has stayed the same is the attention-seeking outfits. It’s almost as if someone has flicked the “evil switch” on the performer. In this article I will be talking about Gaga and the mystery that surrounds her. Her videos are filled to the brim with ancient symbolism, her whole attire screams occult, her latest album just amplifies the conspiracy.


Gaga before 'The Fame'

Lady Gaga was born; Stefani ‘Joanne’ Germanotta, March 28, (1986) in New York where she would attend the same Catholic convent school as Paris Hilton.  Lady Gaga rarely talked about both her family, (Joseph Germanotta, Cynthia Germanotta & Natalie Germanotta) & childhood. The singer has talked about it in various interviews but recently has made comments that would have the person believe something traumatic must have happened. On the release on the video for ‘You & I’ she answered fan’s questions, one being about the symbolism behind the ice cream truck,

“I’ve talked about some of it before with all of you, but I’ve had some really intense experiences when I was younger. Some of which I have shared with all of you and some of which I haven’t. And the ice cream truck is meant to be a representation of the destruction of my youth at a very young time in my life. So while I’m walking down this road to find love, the memories of the destruction of my youth get in the way” -Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, back then known as ‘Stefani’ attended ‘Sacred Heart Convent School’, to then go onto New York’s university; ‘The Tisch School of the Arts’ to then drop out and move down to the Lower East Side; where she would ‘discover herself’ and become ‘Lady Gaga’. Originally Gaga was signed to Def Jam but was dropped, later to to be signed again by Akon with his label ‘KonLive’ & Cherry Tree Records. Thus beginning the transformation of the New Yorker, from making hippy like music to electro dance beats, from writing songs about love, to now write songs on sex, fame and materialism. What exactly happened within this time? What happened to the old brunette? What made her become this plastic blonde that we know today? Did she sell her soul for the fame and riches or was the girl born into the occult?

If I can be honest, I really do not believe the story that she tells the media. I believe she was born into the occult. Why? Lady Gaga grew up in ‘The Pynthian’ which according by David Gura, was used for Masonic meetings which their official site refers to them as “the knights of the pynthian”.

“..the building was intended to be the regional meeting facility for the lodges of the Knights of Pythias and as such it housed several stacks of windowless lodge halls, each one complete with ancillary rooms and an organ loft.” – David Gura

Singer/songwriter Stefani Germanotta, better known by her performing name Lady Gaga, grew up in The Pythian where she once lived and attended Convent of the Sacred Heart School, the same private all-girls school attended by Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky.” – Source

Now if you look at the picture on the left, you’ll notice Egyptian symbolism as well as the ‘All-Seeing Eye‘ so you know this is a good indication that this building was used for Masonic purposes. From looking at it from this angle you begin to wonder why any child would be living somewhere like that, I mean you hear stories of MK ultra victims being taken to lodges, fancy places for “parties”. Could this possibly mean that she was born into this? Lets take a look at the relationship between Germanotta and her father, ‘Joseph‘.

Whenever Gaga talks about her father in interviews, she talks about him like he is some saint, paints him out to be a great dad. Gaga also mentions about the time when she was high on coke and her father telling her she’s “fucking up” snapping her out of doing drugs, mentions how he didn’t “understand” her work, her style to begin with until she began making the ‘$$$’. Gaga talks about how Joseph was a bad boy, dressed like the ‘Blue’s Brothers’, make out with girls under the bridge and not only that hiring a stripper to teach his daughter to play piano. Crazy guy ‘ey..
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with a dad hiring a stripper no, but look at the picture on your right! The girl has next to nothing on while her dad has his arms wrapped around her waist. I’m sorry but really would any of you wear this around your parents? It wouldn’t be awkward at all… Is it also strange that the singer gives HALF, yes 50% of her earnings to her dad!

Daddy’s little girl: Lady Gaga gives half of her earnings to father Joe Germanotta” – Click link to read Daily Mail’s article.

Eyes that spell 'Trauma'

This relationship does come across as odd but controlling. Who else do we know have control like this in their lives? *cough* Britney *cough**cough* Spears *cough*. Not only that but the man seems like he still lives in the past, possibly living through his daughter like one of those parents you see that force their kids into the showbiz lifestyle. This sounds like the typical scenario you get in MK Ultra related cases. Take a look at one of Gaga’s child hood pics. The wide eyes are a good indication of trauma.

Now if you don’t believe that this could be true then look at the symbolism in her work at the beginning of her career. She used lightning bolts, headless mannequins, one eye symbolism and shot intermissions for her ‘Fame Ball’ tour which displayed her acting robot like.


Trance-like eyes, ''a-ok sign''

We all know that Lady Gaga’s name is inspired by the Queen song, ‘Radio Gaga’ which coincidentally has references to the film ‘Metropolis’ and MK Ultra. Funny how today all we hear in the media is about the singer. Funny that. ANYWAY, Gaga came onto the scene with her first album, ‘The Fame’ bringing back electronic pop music and the people loved it. It wasn’t until she released one of the most downloaded tracks, ‘Poker Face’ that she really got the public’s attention. ‘Poker Face’ has the underlining message of “hidden agenda/hand” giving other occult members the signal that she is one of them. The lady wasn’t just known for her songs but her “theatrical” style choices. One of the costumes I can remember was her Kermit the frog outfit, which had loads of ‘dead Kermits’ on. Looking back at it now, you can clearly see the symbolism behind this (puppet to the elite), not only that but looking at the pictures you can see her eyes are dazed, trance like if you will. Another song that had strong occult symbolism was ‘Paparazzi’ her final video from ‘The Fame’ era. In the video, it displayed the typical storyline ‘fame kills’ but I feel the video was inspired by Macbeth with the ruthlessness and ambition side of things. We see Gaga doing anything to get the ‘spot light’ which included Gaga killing her boyfriend. Paparazzi also included references to the illuminati (i.e. masonic checkerboards, goats heads, sacrifice, mk ultra etc.). Her VMA performance was inspired by sacrifices held in fancy mansions. If you watch the performance, notice how at the end there’s a strange light that comes from the center of the two pillars when Gaga hangs there in blood while her dancers praise the ”energy”.

Later that year, Gaga released another chart topper, ‘Bad Romance’ which was clear signal that Gaga was fully initiated into the occult. The music video included sex trafficking, referencing to ‘kitten programming’, Gaga being “sold” to the ‘Russian mafia’ which we find out to be a metaphor for either the industry or the elite, Gaga sacrificing a guy/having sex with the devil. Gaga is also using reptilian like fashion and body modifications & goes through an “evolutionary” process, which could be symbolic of her initiation. Soon after that the singer released ‘Telephone’ which had references to death, government poisoning America etc. then ‘Alejandro’ was released which even had Katy Perry making a comment on the blasphemy. ‘The Fame Monster’ was all about the dark side of fame, the process that you must go through in obtaining the level of fame that she has. Gaga was being herald the new ‘Madonna’ being another reference to the occult. Rumors of her being a hermaphrodite was another symbolic reference to Kabbalah and satanism which if you notice, Baphomet is hermaphrodite. Gaga was being symbolically made the new “priestess of pop” taking the torch off Madge which Britney was originally intended to do. On her ‘Monster Ball’ she use to dress as ‘Anubis’ another God worshipped by the elite, the 2.0 version was inspired by the “Wizard of Oz” which is used to reference ‘Monarch programming‘.

Gaga is clearly the new Michael Jackson, the new tool to push the ‘agenda’, the poster girl for the elite. Lets move onto “Born This Way” the latest album, which is inspired by the occult and Crowley’s theories.


"The new race" Gaga sporting the alien agenda?

Lady Gaga’s most recent album. Yes it was a flop,the songs on it were terrible but the agenda behind it is what I want to focus on. Yes we could talk about the videos but it’s the agenda, the message that drives the visuals in the first place. On releasing the first single, ‘Born This Way’, Gaga came out of an egg and sported facial horns. Gaga and her dancers wore yellow and performed in a eery church like set, which had Gaga playing the organ towards the end of the performance. Is she pushing the alien agenda? The one world religion, Zion. On promoting the single she wore red and black, ‘black mass motif’. Judas was the second single, before the video was even released, people were offended. People predicted the video to follow the blasphemous lyrics. On releasing the video  Gaga said the video was the “new Jerusalem” which is another satanic reference to the N.W.O. The video was another attack on religion, it had Gaga giving Judas the permission to betray Jesus and Gaga in all white with a cross on her head being stoned, a symbolic way of showing the people rebelling against religion. After Judas came ‘The Edge Of Glory’, a song inspired by the death of her late grandfather, she says the song is a celebration of death, another satanic view, in the video she kisses the floor as if to say her grandad isn’t in the “good place” oh and the fact that Clarence Clemons featured on the track and randomly dieing. Coincidence? ‘You & I’ featured more MK Ultra references, in which you see Gaga’s so called ‘lover’ trying to transform her into something else. In Marry The Night, the video is about her road to fame, but at the end it clearly shows the price she paid for it.


Her favourite thing to do..

Lady Gaga is clearly the current poster girl for the elite to push the agenda. We can dismiss this as another “conspiracy” but the truth is that there is way too much evidence that suggest otherwise. Gaga constantly flashes the 666 “a-ok” hand and covers one eye, when speaks about her work she makes masonic references and her videos enough show you her true colours, what she is really about. Gaga claims that she’s honest with her fans but keeps so many secrets from them. This wouldn’t be so worrying if she didn’t have so much influence over the youth, saying it’s okay to sleep around, telling people to follow like she’s some god. It’s up to you what you do with this information, can dismiss it or wake up and tell her where to shove that “poker face”.


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